How may I assist you?

I provide high vibe astrology guidance. it’s all about you: Your potentials and pitfalls; the underlying reasons for patterns that you’re ready to transmute; and your most graceful path to the New Earth 

quantum coaching

Let’s discuss what’s ready for an upgrade in your world, and what needs to be dropped altogether. Using all of my sacred tools I’ll structure our sessions to meet your needs, intentions and/or goals. I include current intel at a time when the frequencies on our planet are rising daily. Commit to three half-hour sessions initially, and then let’s see where you are. 

Three 30-minute sessions: CDN $375 


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oracle cards

Divination decks come in many varieties, complete with beautiful imagery. Choose whether you’d like to work with tarot, faerie, angel, oracle, animal totems, or ascension cards. 

60 minutes: CDN $125 
45 minutes: CDN $95 
30 minutes: CDN $65 


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Holistic Health

Did you know that your body is working harder now than it ever has? It’s integrating new sources of photonic light that have been flooding our planet since 2012. It’s using this light to reformat itself into a multidimensional vehicle. Imagine you are a Toyota car that’s being upgraded to a Lexus. That’s the best analogy I can give you for what’s happening with your body now. Upgrades are good! It doesn’t mean they don’t come with some physical or emotional discomfort along the way. Angelic Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive form of energy healing from the angelic realm. Whether in person or at a distance, let’s open a healing portal to usher in wellness and grace.  

CDN $65


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our sessions will require 60-90 minutes.
i OFFER my service with gratitude for your donation. there is no set fee.

mystic maps

sacred tools for inner journeys