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Astrology for New Earth

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I bring my gift for clarity and cosmic intel to support Grounded Dreamers who wish to embody the highest vision for their lives.

I consult with creative visionaries who are devoted to beneficial change on our planet

artistic pioneers and creators ARE BUILDING A NEW EARTH      

Everyone is an Artist. Everyone naturally expresses the creative flame that burns in each of us. Everyone is born with a unique set of Cosmic Instructions. I have a passion for helping Artists access those instructions so their Lives and Creations express their highest vision in resonance with Cosmos and Nature, of which we are all part.  

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The wondrous thing about being accountable for everything in your life is that you are well-equipped to make meaningful change. It’s about altering your frequency. If you like, I can show you how. I have a passion for demystifying the unseen. My tools are ancient, though I have learned how to adapt them for these evolving times. If you could peek inside my toolkit you’d see that I use proven astrological techniques and beautiful oracle cards. I catalyze healing as an angelic reiki master. And I’m in coach mode pretty much all of the time because I’ve been doing it for over twenty years.

xo - Michelle

 I am accredited through the Canadian Association for Astrological Education.

My work is done in person, online and phone, and through written correspondence. 

I provide bespoke astrological intel. All of my work is custom-tailored according to your cosmic coordinates.

My own Mystic Map reveals that I am hardwired as a channel for the light and an agent of beneficial change.

Access your own Mystic Map to graciously navigate your highest creative pathways.

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